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Web Design Newcastle

Your website content and business not only needs to look great to potential customers, more importantly that website must be discovered in search results. 

Digital Tepee North East web design offers a unique take on building websites harnessing our expert SEO as the foundation for any website development build ensuring the finished site has the user experience and digital marketing presence to start selling from launch.

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What We Do

Ecommerce Websites

We develop with industry-leading platforms Big Commerce, WooCommerce and Shopify to create powerful ecommerce websites for North East businesses.

mobile responsive

Looking for a responsive Website? Users are now viewing websites on much smaller screens and Google has announce a full move over to mobile indexing. Are you sure your products can be seen and purchased easily?

branding and design

We make all our projects unique to the client when a brand identity is required. Our design and development team ​know what type of graphic works online.

web design north east

web design

Need web development in Newcastle? Look no further. We understand projects are unique and offer bespoke software solutions when required.


We are different to many website designers in Newcastle by having an expert SEO team build your site so your small business will be ahead of your competitors.


Start work with affordable web designers who support your vision from start to finish. Call Digital Tepee web agency Newcastle today.

Web Design North East

Finding the best web design companies in Newcastle upon Tyne to complete your project should begin with a checklist. At the top of that checklist should be a question, can this firm get my new website found on Google? A website developer in Newcastle may have amazing coding skills to show you fancy sliders and graphics that look amazing, however, will anyone find it when searching for the products you sell? Don’t let your new shiny website be lost on page 4 choose a North East web design service that can build a website with Technical SEO in place from launch.

A web agency with SEO at its heart

When it comes to planning a new website for your business it is easy to be seduced by graphic design, spinning images and the latest widgets or plugin, here at Digital Tepee web design Newcastle we have worked with a wide range of clients to understand why so many sites built just by developers fail to perform in Goggle search results. Typically all the budget has been spent on web design and SEO strategy has been a second thought when the customer starts asking why is my website not ranking?

The costs for re-engineering a site without SEO in place from the offset is usually outside of the financial plan.

Many web design companies in Newcastle offer digital marketing as a bolt-on, up-sell, but fail to understand this should be a core element of a project and don’t have the in-house expertise to implement as part of the website design.

As a web design agency we are proud to be able to offer fresh and modern design that builds brand identity and trust, we ensure your site is technically sound from launch and ready to rank.

Start the ball rolling...

What Is Web Design?

Web design is the process of presenting your company or business information from one source on a web server to the public, usually utilizing a browser-based application. Web design can be a combination of programming, design and art, and web designers are generally hired by companies that require a high quality web presence. The process usually includes designing a website, but it can also include e-commerce store design and website redesigns. A well-designed website can increase the amount of traffic that is directed to a business. It can increase sales, attract new customers, provide a means of interaction between the company and its clients, and even be used as a business tool that helps the company to market new products or services.

Web design is a way of delivering a site to users on various devices (tablet, laptop, mobile, etc.). The concept of starts with the decision to provide a website and then continues to develop that website through the use of software tools that enable the user to customize the appearance and to change the content, features, and settings of the site. Web design includes a mixture of CSS coding and HTML code, and a good designer must know how to use these different elements to create a website that is usable and attractive to both its audience and client.

The advantages of having a website include increased visibility which is what every business seeks when they want to advertise and market their products and services. Good design is an art, and the only way to master the art is by using the best software and the most up to date technology. The advantages of having a great looking website are many and a great way to get your company and product out there in front of your target audience. The more visibility that your website has, the more potential customers you can get. The ability to search for a website on the internet is very valuable, so if you can get your website to appear high on the search engine results page, it’s a real asset and should not be overlooked when thinking about your online marketing strategy. Thats why we believe that web design and SEO services go hand in hand. So if your looking for a quality north east web development company, give Digital Tepee a call.