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What Is Technical SEO? And How Will It Impact My Site?

Our technical SEO agency provides technical SEO services packages to customers around Newcastle and worldwide.

As technical SEO consultants, we offer a robust SEO campaign strategy that will allow the Google search engine to crawl, index, and rank your website’s web pages correctly.

We use a system based on internal link building. This allows us to identify which pages should target which search terms and match supporting pages, creating topic clusters and a coherent information architecture that search engine spiders can understand.

This helps search engines understand your web content and increase search engine visibility and your website’s chances of appearing at the top of search results for your niche.

We offer a partial technical SEO audit free of charge so that you can see the technical SEO issues and content issues your website may be facing already. Using high-quality data analysis.

Creating on-page SEO content and obtaining high site authority backlinks to improve your website’s backlink profile play a significant role in dominating your company niche.

However, robust technical SEO services play an even more critical role in delivering page one search engine ranking results. Having an experienced technical SEO on board means the SEO services you receive for your website will deliver the right results.

Technical SEO services will apply changes to your website that ultimately influence search engine algorithms and rankings and how search engines crawl, index and understand your website pages.

The technical part of search engine optimisation is often overlooked but is just as, if not more important, as your other digital marketing efforts. Meaning no results at all if this is not completed correctly.

No matter how good your content or products are, the bottom line is that you must have a technically sound website that is mobile-friendly and all pages load correctly. Loading time can impact your ranking with Google now using mobile-first to index your website. And with the upcoming Core Web Vitals update, these factors are becoming even more important.

What Does An SEO Do?

We are SEO experts here at Digital Tepee and have worked in almost every content management system, and we strive to make your organic search campaign succeed.

We ensure that your website build or website migration has a solid SEO performance with technical SEO best practices.

Website migrations are one of the most important areas, we find so many issues on clients websites following website migrations that a competent technical SEO has not properly managed, so we always make sure we will fully audit your site with industry-leading software like Screaming Frog and Sitebulb to ensure Digital Tepee can put the technical solutions in place to solve any SEO problem that might impact your search engine visibility across all these areas.

This allows the site to be correctly indexed by search engine spiders in search engine results pages and show value and relevancy to the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Solid technical SEO will increase your search engine performance within the SERPs and is good practice to avoid any algorithmic update penalties from Google.

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Overview Of Tasks Included In Our Technical SEO, audits.

  • Crawl Analysis
  • Content Indexation
  • XML Sitemaps
  • URL Structure &
  • Dynamic URLs
  • Page Speed Audits
  • Structured Data Markup, Rich Snippets, Schema
  • Domain Age
  • Image Optimisation
  • Internal link Structure
  • Website Migration
  • Identify Issues
  • Canonical Page Check
  • HTTPS Check
  • Online Brand Analysis
  • 301 Redirections
  • Google Search Console Audit
  • XML Sitemap Audit
  • Website Performance And Speed Optimisation
  • Mobile SEO Best Practices
  • User Engagement Review
  • Server Log File Analysis
  • Identify Sudden Traffic Drops
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The full process will quickly reveal existing technical issues on your site that can adversely affect search engine indexation, rankings, and user experience.

Our SEO specialists provide smart solutions to technical challenges. Broken links and images, technical issues, website migration issues, poor mobile usability, redirect chains, internal linking problems, heavy pages and scripts, W3C validation errors, thin content, and more. We can identify every error and supply a list of pages it affects, detailing fix by fix as we go through the project.

Quality Content And Why It’s So Important To Rank Your Page.

Now more than ever, has there been a need for quality online content. Our audits will review your website, structure and markup and make sure they align with your overall SEO strategies.

As technical SEO experts, we use our SEO expertise to find the quickest wins in any organic search strategy. These come from making sure that your website’s SEO content is relevant to your niche’s audience. Ensuring the correct and appropriate use of technical SEO services such as implementing structured data, page speed, website structure, information architecture, and relevant H-Tags will help define your site visibility.

Throughout the research and development completion, we ensure that the content already in place is structured and marked correctly on your site’s pages.

“One-size-fits-all” is not the approach we follow when creating a strategy for your organisation. Instead, we work out recommendations that are 100% custom and fit your business goals perfectly. They’ll include high-level messaging, a value proposition, and a social media integration. To maximise the positive impact on search results, we’ll also develop publishing workflows for you to follow.

Special attention to passage length, positioning, tone of voice, type, and recommend the location of newly created assets should there be opportunities for media that don’t already exist. Our strategy also includes optimising media images, videos and any other core elements or assets.

We place an audit as a top priority when starting any project. Not only will this define key differences between yourselves and your competitors, but it also allows the opportunity to connect directly with your audience.

The optimisation will increase the chances of your website ranking for search-related queries, which in turn will boost the number of organic traffic. Special care must be taken and follow a strict methodology

to maximise returns, therefore making your website’s home page or a specific page on your site more attractive to search engines and users.

A knowledgeable SEO consultancy will understand the words and phrases people use to find products and services online. Harnessing the power of software to analyse data correctly and then implement changes in such a way that it meets those queries is a powerful tool to have in your business.

Our technical SEO specialists will use leading tools like SEMrush, AHrefs and Powersuite to identify errors and opportunities to improve your onsite content optimisation.

We will also evaluate how your competitors are using keywords. And how best to harness words and phrases that can help to improve your search performance to drive traffic and conversions and increase the potential value of doing so.

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Technical SEO Optimisation Will Improve Your Website.

Digital Tepee technical SEO consultancy will ensure that we carry out in-depth technical SEO audits of your website only using the best SEO tools to uncover any factors harming your niche’s performance and chances of rankings.

This can also uncover Google penalties and lead us to apply a penalty removal approach. The more significant and more successful results will be delivered from the ground up, providing a solid building block for future content marketing activities.

While a user-friendly, interactive and graphic design masterpiece website may be helpful for user experience, it can massively impact the search visibility and performance of technical SEO and the chances of being found online. Crawlers are not users, they are robots, and it is necessary to think in a different mindset when approaching SEO services from a crawl and index perspective.

Search engine algorithms, especially Google’s, are seriously complex and have hundreds of ranking factors checked when crawling your website to determine search engine results pages.

Optimisation eliminates the elements that could stop a search crawl from performing correctly and, therefore, not ranking for your keywords if not in place. Factors can include duplicate content, usability, site speed and the coding of your website.

Our SEO experts will make sure your website operates at 100% of its potential by providing actionable SEO solutions. And having a technical SEO consultant means maintaining your website in line with any future algorithm updates.

Hiring A Technical SEO Agency, will it work for my site?

There is an excellent chance that if you’re reading this page, maybe you already know that your website is not performing or has some technical SEO problems.

Digital Tepee technical SEO agency will create a clear technical SEO audit for your website and either implement the work ourselves or work closely with your in house developers to get these SEO issues identified and fixed efficiently.

Whether you’re using popular content management systems such as WordPress, Duda, Shopify, Big Commerce or Magento, or even a fully bespoke platform, every website faces its own technical SEO issues, and no audit is the same.

Whether you have a global e-commerce website in need of an e-commerce SEO agency, or something much smaller, our team has the technical expertise to audit, analyse and improve your website to increase visibility and traffic and give you an excellent return on your investment.

You may have looked into free tools or are using a free technical SEO checklist. Unfortunately, these tools won’t give you an accurate picture of your SEO foundation and where your website can make immediate improvements, and your website could still be missing out on a large chunk of potential visibility within search results. If you’re looking for technical SEO consultants focused on delivering superb results for your business, contact the Digital Tepee technical SEO consultants today. Our SEO team will deliver the best technical SEO for your site and apply technical expertise and best practice, so our SEO strategies bring high converting organic traffic to your business. Get in touch today!

Technical issues

How They Impact

Every day updates like new products and content removal leave broken links, orphan pages and clutter right across your website. A technical SEO audit from Digital Tepee technical SEO agency will allow you to see first-hand what impact this is having on your website. And fixing these will increase indexation and ranking potential.

Broken Links
Duplicate Content
404 Errors
Missing Titles

Give your site the best chance of success

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