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Do you need an SEO audit service? As an SEO company, we offer in-depth SEO audit services to help site owners understand the issues currently impacting your website’s performance and help increase organic traffic from search engine results. Our SEO audit service is a comprehensive analysis of the website’s content, structure, and on-page elements to provide recommendations for improvement. You’ll get a prioritized list of technical issues, recommendations and valuable insights from our team of experts that are easy to implement so you can start seeing an impact in your marketing strategy. We also give clients the option of a 45-minute video call to run over the SEO audit.

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If you are searching for ways to improve your SEO on your website, many SEO audit tools are available on the web to carry out this task. However, this SEO audit process will take an experienced SEO a few days to complete and inexperienced users much longer. There is a risk here if you don’t understand technical SEO as you might make matters worse by just implementing a checklist without fully understanding the SEO analysis. So investing in a Digital Tepee technical SEO audit will take the guesswork out of this as you will be working with an SEO specialist who understands the data.

Websites come in various shapes and sizes, so uncovering what technical fixes each site needs will be different for everybody, digital marketing is not just about an expensive content strategy, link building, keyword research and relevant keywords when working on website rankings. It is super important in this day and age to have a well-structured, high-quality site that is in good shape technically, no matter how many pages or amount of content, especially for SEO.

So, if you want to know how your website is performing and what factors can be improved, then technical SEO audits are critical to your SEO strategy.

Website SEO audit services are the first way to highlight errors on your site that can improve your SEO strategy by using a selection of audit tools like Sitebulb, Google Search Console or Screaming Frog. The objective is to identify weak points in your site through website analysis and show issues impacting search engine crawlers and your site performance in search results.

Our SEO audit will give you a comprehensive SEO audit report of technical problems like missing meta descriptionsload timesalt tagsbroken links, duplicate content, poor navigation, indexing issues etc., that you or your web developer need to fix. By taking direct action on the highlighted errors, you should see improvements in your SEO campaign performance. Many SEO companies do not carry out thorough audits, but if you’re looking to improve traffic with Google, Bing or any other search engines then a technical audit is a must.

An SEO site audit is a perfect way to evaluate your performance, and we offer one of the best SEO audits in the UK.

page errors

We identify pages with issues that can impact indexation.
Have poor internal links.
Content duplication.

mobile issues

Poor mobile usability impacts user experience and the chance to convert a prospective customer.

site speed

Page load speed is one of the signals used by Google to rank websites by its algorithm


How does your site compare with your competitors?

SEO audits also cover

Missing title tags
Missing meta tags
Website content review
Link audits

seo audit service

How much does a full SEO audit cost?

SEO audits can range in price, depending on the size and complexity of your website. Our SEO audit service starts at £500 + VAT for a small to medium-sized website.

This includes full reporting and our 45-minute video call with clients to go over the key points from the data. If you have a very large site, please get in touch to chat about a bespoke price and find out more about our SEO audit services.

Is an SEO audit worth it?

An SEO audit can make a huge difference in your website’s organic performance. It helps to identify the problem areas of your site and provides actionable recommendations for improvement.

The goal is simple: To get you more qualified, high-value traffic from search engines like Google or Bing through organic ranking results.

While there are many reasons your website might not be performing as well as you want in organic results, we’ll make sure we find them and share our recommendations for bringing it back up to speed.

How often should you get a technical SEO audit?

An SEO audit can be critical to keeping your website top of search engine rankings. At the very least, you should perform an audit once or twice a year and before any significant changes that will impact your site. These can include a website migration, changing themes or code changes.

Also, consider if you have many contributors on your site or your industry changes quickly in the online space. Major search engines also regularly release core updates that can change your websites ability to appear in search rankings overnight.

An eCommerce website should have a more regular website review as the web pages change constantly across multiple URLs.

What is the reason I might need a website audit service?

There are many reasons your website might need an audit. Maybe you’ve made some changes to your site and aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for, or perhaps your site has been neglected for a while, and keyword rankings have dropped due to outdated content, and you want to bring it up to date.

We also see many issues from clients who have hired sub-standard development services that have left the site in a poor state and sites have seen a massive drop in traffic in Google analytics. No matter what the reason, our professional SEO audit services can help with your search engine optimization.

As an SEO audit service provider, we understand google’s webmaster guidelines, our SEO team will make sure your digital marketing efforts are not being held back by a poorly managed site that impacts your business online.

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