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Businesses searching for Mobile-Friendly SEO services in Newcastle can look no further than Digital Tepee. We understand how to optimise a website or page to show up on organic search results on a mobile device where the intentions of the searcher are crucial to finding local business services or products. Critical elements of how to do SEO include not just Google listings but also business directories and relevant industry listings to provide search results as well as a mobile-friendly website. We aim to use our expertise to generate relevant traffic to your website via organic search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing with a professional and 1-2-1 service.

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Mobile First

Attracting customers to your store and retaining that business is the key to growth in any retail or e-commerce store. Website growth can easily be achieved using the power of a mobile optimised website and a local SEO search strategy. Google has it’s own separate index for mobile content known as ‘Mobile First’ so not only are you missing out on potential customers today, the future of all search is pointing directly to mobile technology. Moving your focus onto mobile will not only impact on your bottom line it will grow your companies ability to engage with customers either prospective directly or existing via their mobile devices which are with them day and night from the moment they wake till they go to bed.

In the majority of sectors, if you are missing out on being found on mobile, you are ignoring a large chunk of your potential customer base. A joint report by Google and Nielsen estimated that, when customers can look up products and services from mobile devices, they participate in a sales conversion 28% of the time. The report also found that 73% of mobile searches trigger additional action and conversions, 36% continued research, 25% visited the retailer’s website, 18% shared information. As more of the web becomes mobile friendly and end users rely more on smartphones to make purchases this number will only increase.

Having an online presence throws up lots of opportunities for a company to generate organic interest in a product or service, especially with the correct marketing plan. However, all the hard work can be lost if you can’t satisfy the curiosity of net surfers that wish to check out your offering from their tablet or smartphone.

No matter if your primary focus is in the B2B or B2C spheres, a consumer-led move to mobile has, in turn, created a trickle-down effect which means that every type of customer takes it for granted that a mobile-based solution will be able to meet their needs. Whether this is accessing a website, purchasing products, making an enquiry or registering interest in a service.

How SEO Works

Right now people are searching for businesses like yours and the products you sell. Digital Tepee consultants know how SEO works, we connect you with customers without the need for paid Google Ads. With a goal to ensure your e-commerce site appears in the top 10 organic search results for keyword search strings with buying intent. Mobile friendly SEO is key to this strategy and is more critical than ever before.

Way back in 2012, emarketer produced some startling research which provided a clear picture of the way media consumption is changing. While the consumption share of every other form of media had gone down in the preceding three years, this covers TV, radio and print – mobile had increased year on year and continued to gobble up the share of the market to this day.

mobile seo

What is Mobile Optimization?

In a nutshell, creating a new platform for your website to be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet as it needs adjusting from the desktop view seen on a PC or laptop. Providing an experience that is optimised for the end user to view content quickly is key to mobile optimisation.

Taking into account screen sizes and load speeds of pages must be considered from the offset. Ensuring your website is mobile ready will give you an advantage over competitors who are inadvertently pushing the customer away with no mobile-friendly version of their site.

It is also very important to remember that with the reduced screen size the user has less space to view search results. Without sacrificing quality information, ensure that all titles, meta descriptions and URL’s are as concise as possible.

It is more than likely your business has a local element, remembering your content needs optimising for local search. Ensuring your company name, address, and phone number are standardised and also include your city and state name in your site’s metadata. Our post on Local SEO Services will explain in more detail.

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