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Magento 1 End Of Life

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The Magento 1 end of life is coming up fast. Starting in June 2020, all merchants still on the e-commerce platform will lose support. Here we look at why you should consider migrating from Magento to Big Commerce.

Magento used to be the go-to solution for e-commerce enterprise merchants, but on-premise isn’t the best option anymore. With Big Commerce’s open APIs and SDKs, everything is customizable. Plus, Big Commerce takes care of maintenance and security so you can focus on what you do best, innovative design and sourcing new business.

Since mid-2014, Magento 1 hasn’t seen any new updates. Magento and Adobe’s focus has been on the more recent Magento 2 framework, so, understandably, Magento 1 would lose support.

Many Magento 1 merchants may need additional time to ensure that their transition to a newer platform is successful. Magento has extended software support from the original end date of November 2018 to June 2020 so that merchants have the time they need to upgrade when it is best for their business. When support finishes, Magento 1 websites will become more vulnerable to possible security threats, and no additional features or updates will be added. This means the ongoing security of your customers and business would be at risk.

As an SEO agency, we must understand the differences between e-commerce platforms to recommend clients who are either starting in e-commerce or looking to find a different solution.

Making the best choice of e-commerce platform affects much more than just a monthly payment. Everything from how fast a site loads to security and payment data protection to growth potential. It’s an important decision that can put brands on a path to higher online revenue.

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What Is A SaaS Platform?

One of the most fundamental platforms decisions our clients have to make is to leverage a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. This could mean outsourcing hosting and back-end management to a company specializing in e-commerce or choosing a platform that requires the retailer to provide on-site hosting and management. Until recently, SaaS was at times seen as limiting, with fewer features and distrust in the model as a whole. In the last few years, however, this has changed — now, buyers are drawn more and more to the affordability and flexibility offered by SaaS. Also, with the advancements in SaaS technology, projects that used to be only achievable with an on-premise solution can now be done with an open SaaS platform.

Here at Digital Tepee, we aim to provide a service and recommendations for our clients to continually stay on top of their competition. Understanding retail trends come and go, SEO agencies need to recognize them and best advise clients which tools and ecosystems must execute them on a local SEO level or a global campaign. Additionally, clients aspire to reflect their unique voice and vision throughout their website. It’s equally essential that the site be user-friendly and designed to funnel users toward the shopping cart and checkout. Our experience shows as an e-commerce agency. We can be much more successful in establishing this branded sales-driven site if we recommend a platform for merchants that offers front-end flexibility.

The primary benefit of building your infrastructure is, of course, flexibility when using an on-site e-commerce platform. You will need a professional design and development team. Magento and other on-site solutions can offer complete customization. They can also enable your business to manage its development and deployment cycles. However, be sure not to trust just anyone claiming to be a Magento developer. The system can be complex and require development professionals with Magento-specific certification. Having complete control of the customization of your e-commerce platform isn’t always a benefit. Aside from lengthy training processes and security responsibility, on-premise platforms are typically more expensive, and upgrading is often impossible without an entirely new platform.

BigCommerce is shattering the “inflexible” reputation that SaaS has earned over the years by becoming one of the most customizable hosted e-commerce platforms out there. All the benefits of SaaS without the limitations of ‘those other guys.