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If you are searching for ways to improve your SEO on your website, there are many free website audits and SEO tools available on the web to carry out this task. However, this will take an experienced SEO 3-4 weeks to complete and inexperienced user much longer. So Digital Tepee is offering this Technical SEO audit service. This is not a full audit, but it will show the issues your website faces today and start the conversation of how to go about fixing those issues.

Websites come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so uncovering what technical fixes each site needs will be a different story for everybody. It is super important in this day and age to have a well-structured high-quality site that is in good shape technically no matter how many pages or amount of content, especially for SEO. So, if you would like to find out how your website is performing and what factors can be improved then use the submission form below to get an audit report sent to you from ourselves.

page errors

We identify page issues that can affect search engine indexation.

mobile issues

Poor mobile usability impacts user experience and the chance to convert a prospective customer.

site speed

Page load speed is one of the signals used by Google to rank websites by its algorithm.


How does your site compare with your competitors?

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What Is A Technical SEO Audit Service?

An SEO audit is the first way for you to highlight errors on your site to improve your SEO strategy by using an audit tool. The objective is to identify weak points in your strategy through website analysis that are impacting search engines and your site performance in search results. Our audit service will give you a thorough report of technical issues like missing meta descriptions, load times, alt tags, broken links etc. that you need to fix, by taking direct action on the highlighted errors, you should see improvements in your SEO campaign performance. Many SEO companies do not carry out thorough audits, but if you’re looking to improve traffic through a search engine like Google, it’s a must.

Here at Digital Tepee, an SEO consultant will always perform this SEO service when looking to work with a new client. Once working with a client, we continuously check the site for changes, we will also audit a current campaign once a week using our resources and monitor issues daily via our SEO software.

In fact, around 80% of a client’s retainer budget cover data analysis and monitoring, enabling us to react quickly to any SEO issues and provide a quality service. Data analysis is critical to ensure that we don’t miss anything and also identify any new problems early.

A website audit is a perfect way to evaluate your performance, and we offer one of the best SEO audits in the UK. There are two times we perform audits, at the beginning of a new client campaign and then once every two weeks.

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How To Develop A Strategy For Your Website?

Here are our recommended steps to starting a strategy correctly.

To start, you need to understand that SEO is basically a marketing channel to grow your business and improve your search engine ranking, having clear strategic objectives help you achieve your goals and keep your campaign focused. You may already have a strategic objective list, then now is the time to review it. A simple way to start is to link your business KPI’s with your SEO KPI’s. For example, Your business will increase its organic search visibility by 50% within the next 6 months.

Next step is to determine whether the current keyword targeting strategy is worth it. And, to find untapped keywords that could result in “easy” wins by examining your current set of keywords before jumping head first into your audit and any search engine optimisation.

Are you targeting the correct set of keywords for your business niche and budget? Many time’s clients’ set their goals way above the budget they have available and go after unachievable search terms. By using the S.M.A.R.T principle, it is good practice to review these every 3 months.

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Keywords should be limited to either 10, 20 or 100 depending on your budget available


Keywords can be tracked using several pieces of software such as SEO Power suite and SEMrush. Tracking core keywords will clearly show how Google is valuing your website.


Keywords need to be within your reach, and the age and authority of your website will determine this. In a nutshell, new websites will struggle to rank for competitive keywords. If your site is new, then you should target long-tail keywords.


Keywords need to relevant to your business niche and will grow your trust with search engines.


Keywords improving your site’s performance for a keyword is the goal. It would be best if you tried to achieve that goal as fast as possible. The S.M.A.R.T. principle is only the first step to validating your current keyword set.

Competitor Keywords

Here we look at our top tips to check your competitors to validate your keywords and find any missed opportunities. There are several reasons for analyzing your competitors:

  • To check if a keyword is too competitive.
  • To find new keyword opportunities.
  • To see what types of content are performing well.
  • To find link opportunities.


Keep in mind: Competition is all relative. For example, it would be foolish to target “marketing automation” if your website is new. But, if you have an established website with authority, then it may be something to consider.

The next stage of analysis is more in-depth and best carried out by an SEO agency with access to SEO software because we are trying to find link opportunities. At Digital Tepee, we use SEO Powersuite and SEMrush to analyze the link profiles of clients competitors.

The next stage is Technical Analysis, and that is where our service can identify all those issues that are impacting your site comes into the picture.

The report will identify every issue on your site that can affect search engine indexation, rankings, and user experience: broken links and images, duplicate content, poor mobile usability, redirect chains, internal linking problems, heavy pages and scripts, W3C validation errors, thin content, and more.

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